About the Club

People have been riding bikes inside the crater rim around Lyttelton for some time, but recently there has been a lot of work from local riders developing mountain bike tracks in Urumau Reserve, working in conjunction with the Reserve Committee, LPC and CCC. The Lyttleton Mountain Bike Club has been set up to help continue this effort, provide a mechanism for applying for funding and giving local riders a collective voice. We need your support, so please sign up and get involved.

As stated in the Club’s constitution, the purposes of the Society are to:

  1. To promote and represent the interests of all mountain bikers who ride in or around Lyttelton;
  2. To develop and maintain a network of trails on public land for free public recreational use and benefit, and also on private land (subject to any applicable access conditions);
  3. To nurture and encourage the participation of youth in the sport mountain biking;
  4. To work with other interest groups and stakeholders to endeavour to achieve harmonious, shared, recreational access to public land;
  5. To promote mountain biking as a recreational pursuit;
  6. To organise and administer events for mountain bikers in the Lyttelton area;
  7. Provide social events and networking opportunities for members;
  8. To promote the understanding, appreciation, maintenance and rejuvenation of the natural environment of New Zealand;
  9. To uphold the rights and interests of mountain bikers and to communicate those interests to local authorities and to the public;
  10. To provide fair representation directly or by affiliation, for all individuals who participate in the sport of mountain biking around Lyttelton;
  11. To affiliate to any like-minded and appropriate national organisations, and co-operate with kindred other organisations, including other regional cycling clubs;
  12. To promote the ‘Mountain Biker’s Code’. http://www.doc.govt.nz/mountain-bikers-code
  13. To use and promote the National Trail Grading system (developed in conjunction with DOC) as outlined on the DOC web site here: http://www.doc.govt.nz/mtb-grades
  14. To raise funds to promote all or any of the objectives of the society;
  15. Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

To become a member, register here.

"Riding inside the crater since 2016"